Bay Treasure Chest

Community Fundraiser for St. Margaret's Bay, NS

July 20, 2016
Winning Number & Amount

   8095     $6,894 

We have a winner!  Rhonda Tousignant of Timberlea

Next Draw Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Estimated Prize about $6,800+

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The Bay Treasure Chest is a weekly 50/50 draw that gives players an opportunity to win cash, while supporting local community service organizations. Click on NEWS for current news.


Win, Win, Win!

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The Bay Treasure Chest Fundraiser provides many benefits including:
  • The player wins some extra, tax-free cash while helping to support Bay Area volunteer service organizations;
  • The communities and residents of St. Margaret’s Bay win with sustainable funding for scholarships, and many programs and services that benefit the people and environment; and,
  • The retail and other business supporters win with improved customer relations, and support of the local community and the environment.

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*Note about the delay in announcing the results of the July 13, 2016 Draw:

After a thorough review by the Board of the Bay Treasure Chest (BTC) we can now announce the result of the July 13 Draw. Thank you for your patience while we determined the right course of action.

After drawing the winning number on July 13, the count volunteers had great difficulty in determining if the number had been played due to the legibility of the number written on the sticker.

We sought advice from the Nova Scotia Gaming Division and a legal opinion from a lawyer about how to proceed. We reviewed the sticker with the poorly written number and the data we capture each week, including playing patterns for every registered number.

After digesting all this information, the BTC Board voted unanimously that, in the clear balance of probability, the sticker in question was the number drawn and therefore we are now happy to be able to finally announce the winner (July 19th).

The Board of BTC also voted unanimously to expand our Lottery House Rule #4, printed on the back of registration slips and published on our web site and in our brochures, which currently says "You must place your number on a toonie, and place it in the treasure chest box in order to win" to add the following: "Your number must be written legibly on the sticker. Any number that cannot be unanimously interpreted by three of the BTC staff at the weekly count will be disqualified from that week's draw. All Management decisions on the interpretation of numbers on the stickers are final."

We know it's obvious, but we need to stress that it is your responsibility as a player to write your number clearly on the sticker which you place on your toonie. It is BTC's responsibility to have rigorous processes in place to process your toonie to ensure the number you play is recorded in each draw when played. If we can't reasonably determine what number is written on the sticker, that creates a problem that no reasonable process can overcome. We offer the following tips that are in your benefit to follow:

  •  Black or dark blue ball point pens are recommended, but be aware that some use ink which needs at least a little time to dry
  •  Use of felt tip pens is discouraged, particularly those with non-permanent ink and/or thick points.
  •  The best technique to use is:
    • Tear off a sticker from the roll with the backing paper attached
    • Place the sticker and backing paper on a smooth, flat surface
    • Write your number on the sticker
    • If in any doubt about whether the number is clearly legible, discard the sticker and start again
    • When you're sure the ink is dry, discard the backing paper and place the sticker on your toonie, and deposit the stickered toonie in the Bay Treasure Chest.

Please help us to help you, if you are the winner, by ensuring we can read your number!